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 For the past Nine years we have worked on ten short movies in that time.  One of them, Please Kill Me Again won Best short at the Greater Leigh Valley Film Festival 2012 and Broken Dreams, Which I wrote and Directed, won Best short in the 2014 Pocono Mountain Film Festival. 

 Free Wife is a movie I made from Writing to editing by myself; I was also the cameraman and a actor in it. This movie was also show at the Greater Leigh Valley Film Festival. 2012. Man in a box is a Daracore production and won Best full feature in the 2014 Pocono Mountain Film Festival. I was an actor and crew on that production. 

On Project Drive in I worked sound and this was a Honda advertisement

Positions I have worked in:


Executive Director


 Assistant Director


Director of photography 




Camera Nikon D5100 and canon GL2

Production assistant (World’s Best)

Draw story boards

Make shot list

Script Supervisor

Actors that I played:

Guy that the mob beat up


Feather friend

Dead person in a truck

Someone running down the street

Bar Tender

Cat adopter 

A lot of background work

Background car driver for HBO The Deuce 

Beside the movies mention above, I also worked on:

One More Victim

The Cake

I’m not Gay, my Boyfriend is


Valentine's Day 

Just Desserts


Getting Grace

Lehigh valleys directors video

Several promo and interviews

Flip of a coin 




Gorilla Productions